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How to submit an experience

What makes me a good Experimnt Host?

I have a true passion.

I am willing to dedicate some of my time to share it.

I am creative, welcoming and authentic.

How to calculate the price for my experience?

Hosting an experience has as a purpose for your passion to be shared. However, one of Experimnt’s missions is also to support those who have a passion to be able to earn money thanks to it. We therefore believe in transparency and we help you with understanding how to calculate a faire price that can also bring you some revenues out of it.

Some key elements to take into considerations are related to:


There might be costs associated with hosting an experience. You shroud take into consideration aspects such as:

  • Material included with the experience
  • Place that needs to be rented
  • Travelling costs
  • Insurances and permits
  • Platform fees (20% of booking price)
  • Taxes 


Of course, you are not expected to host an experience at loss or for free. As a host, you are free to set the pricing for your experience yourself. Several options are available to you:

  • A price per guest
  • A fixed price for a whole group, whatever the number of guests in a booking
  • A fixed portion and a price per guest
  • Optional add-ons that can be selected by guests in their booking to enhance their experience

To calculate the price of your experience, you may use the following formula:


We strongly suggest to set a lower price to get started and until you receive several bookings and positive reviews (i.e. at cost).

What details do I need to submit with my experience?

  • A catchy title that represents clearly what is your experience about
  • Up to 15 keywords that represent your experience
  • A complete description that include the following information:
    • What is the experience
    • Who is the experience for
    • What is included in the pricing and what people have to bring
    • Special requirements or other important information
  • What languages can you host this experience in
  • How long does the experience last
  • Is the experience hosted in-person or online?
  • Full address where the experience is hosted
  • Prepare at least 4 images representing the experience. Max image size: 2MB.
  • A video to include in your listing (optional)
  • Details about you, your passion, and your background.
  • Reasons that motivate you to host this experience.
  • Social media or internet websites where we can see what you do.
  • Contact details in case we need to reach to you.
  • Pricing for the experience
  • Maximum number of guests you can accommodate in a booking
  • Add-ons that guests can select to enhance their experience (optional)
  • Availabilities (slots) for a regular week
  • Days that you will or will not be available to host the experience

How do I chose whether hosting my experience in-person or online?


Hosting an experience in-person means meeting with your guests in a setting you have well thought to maximize the authenticity of the experience.

Some of the benefits of hosting in-person experiences are:

  • Have a more personal and warmer contact with your guest.
  • Can provide a more authentic feel and connection.
  • Can better show your skills and supporting your guests through the experience is easier.


Where can I host?

  • At home
  • At your guest’s place
  • In a public space (if authorized)
  • In a private or rented space


You are willing to host an experience, and you would like to open it to a larger public and host from home? Online experiences is the perfect solution!

Some of the benefits of hosting online experiences are:

  • No need to be physically near your guests to host.
  • No need to account for travel time when hosting.
  • Allows you to virtually meet with you guests from anywhere. You only need a computer and a good internet connection.


How does it work?

We use Zoom Meetings to host each online experience. Zoom is a third-party cloud platform for video conferencing and can be used on desktop computers, tablets, and mobile devices.

What are we looking at when reviewing a new experience?

Every new experience submitted to enrich the Experimnt platform is carefully reviewed by our team before being approved and posted online. Some of the aspects we consider when reviewing submitted experiences are:

  • Is the host knowledgeable/experienced enough to offer this experience?
  • What are the host’s motivations in hosting the experience?
  • How different and unique the submitted experience is?
  • Is the pricing relevant with the offered experience?
  • What are previous reviews for this host?
  • Does the title accurately represent the offered experience?
  • Quality and professionalism of the description
  • Quality and relevance of submitted pictures and the video

Note that we won’t approve your experience if a very similar one is currently being offered in your area.

Make sure that your experience is unique or brings a differentiator with what already exists.

What steps do I need to follow?

Every new experience submitted to enrich the Experimnt platform is carefully reviewed by our team before being approved and posted online. Some of the aspects we consider when reviewing submitted experiences are:

When registering and creating your Experimnt account, you have been first registered as ‘guest’. To be able to submit an experience and start hosting it, your status must be changed to ‘owner’. This can be done in your profile page.

Your profile page is where you can enter your profile information. Note that some of this information might appear publicly on the platform.

    • First and last names
    • Phone number and e-mail address
    • A short description field about yourself (‘About Me’)
    • A nice and welcoming profile picture

You have now a new ‘Add Listing’ button that appears in the top of the page, next to ‘My Account’. Click on this button.

You will now see a page with fields that should be filled with different information regarding your experience. Complete all the required fields. This information will be used to validate your experience and create your experience listing.

Once all the information has been correctly entered, click on the ‘Preview‘ button.

You now see a preview of your listing with the information you entered earlier. Check all the information before submitting your experience.

If you need to correct some information, you can go back and edit you experience information by clicking on the ‘Edit‘ button.

Once you have checked and you believe that all the information is correct in the preview page, click on ‘Submit‘.

Once your listing has been submitted, we will review it before posting it online. Our team will check the information and contact you back to let you know when your experience is online.

It usually takes a maximum of a few days before your submission is reviewed and accepted. If you haven’t heard back from us after 1 week, please contact us at support@experimnt.com.

Congratulations! Your listing is now approved and you can start hosting!

To have additional information on about hosting experiences and how to manage your listings, please follow instructions below.

Are you all set? Let's get started now!

For more information on hosting an experience on Experimnt, visit our Help Center for Hosts or contact us at support@experimnt.com.