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What is Experimnt?

Experimnt is a platform that gives the opportunity to locals to share their passion with other people around them, and to generate revenue from it.

Why become an Experimnt host?

Earn money doing what you love

Many have told you that you have an amazing talent? Being good at what you do is great, but why not also making some money out of it?

Create connections with people around you

Are you tired of all the unstoppable interaction you get from your online presence? Get some privileged moments with people living around you and create memories with them in real life.

Share your passion in your own way

You are unique and we know it. Find your own way of transmitting your passion, knowledge or know-how and build your experience around it. Be yourself and authentic!

Promote your business… differently!

Whether you are crafting from your basement, baking delicious pastries and selling them online, painting art on commissions, or working in a chocolate factory, Experimnt is the best place to promote your business in a new way.

What is a great Experimnt host?

Hosts are individuals that have a true passion, an incredible talent or a unique knowledge and that are willing to share it with the local community.

How it Works?

Design your experience

Imagine any experience that will create a memorable moment for your guests. Each experience is unique. Test new things and improve your experience a little more each time!

Submit it online

Our step-by-step online form will guide you in creating your experience listing. Prepare your description, pictures and pricing, and start the process now!

Start hosting

Congratulations! Your experience has now been approved and you are all set to receive your first bookings. Start promoting this new challenge and enjoy unique moments with your guests.

Host in-person or online!


Hosting an experience in-person means meeting with your guests in a setting you have well thought to maximize the authenticity of the experience.

Some of the benefits of hosting in-person experiences are:
  • Have a more personal and warmer contact with your guests.
  • Can provide a more authentic feel and connection.
  • Can better show your skills and supporting your guests through the experience is easier.
Where can I host?
  • At home
  • At your guest’s place
  • In a public space (if authorized)
  • In a private or rented space

Online Experiences

If you are willing to host an experience through Zoom meetings, open it to a larger public and host from home, then an online experience is the perfect solution for you!

Some of the benefits of hosting experiences online are:
  • No need to be physically near your guests.
  • No need to account for travel time when hosting.
  • Allows you to virtually meet with you guests from anywhere. You only need a computer and a good internet connection.

How does it work?

We use Zoom Meetings to host each online experience. Zoom is a third-party cloud platform for video conferencing and can be used on desktop computers, tablets, and mobile devices.

What you'll get from us?


Have access to tons of insightful information on your performance, your audience and your competition, and get suggestions to improve each aspect of your experience over time.


Get an easy-to-use tool to receive and manage your bookings, and communicate with your guests. All in one place.


Use a safe solution to receive payments. Say goodbye to unexpected fees and issues.


Communicate your passion and promote your experience through our community. Don’t bother with marketing anymore, we take care of it!


You are uniquely important to us! Our support team is available 7 days a week to support you as a host and answer your questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does offering my experience on Experimnt means working for Experimnt?
No, Experimnt is a peer-to-peer platform that connects hosts organizing experiences and locals looking to live unique experiences. While being an Experimnt host, you work on a freelance base and there is no employment agreement with Experimnt.
Is there a time commitment?
There is absolutely no time commitment while being a host on Experimnt. You can manage your schedule and offer your experience at the moments that you are available. Feel free to adjust your dates and times until you find what works best for you.
Do I need an insurance or a license?
Depending on the activities involved, some experiences might require a license (food, alcohol, transportation). Make sure to check your local laws to determine which license would be required. You might also want to consider taking an insurance covering activities part of your experience, if you feel it is required.
Can I host more than one experience?
Yes, we encourage our community to share all passions people might have through Experimnt by combining them into a single experience or by offering several. We still expect our hosts to make sure that the quality of all their experiences are consistent with our standards.