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Hosting an experience has never been so easy

What is Experimnt?

Experimnt is a platform that gives the opportunity to locals to share their passion with other people around them, and to generate revenue from it.

Why become an Experimnt host?

Earn money doing what you love

Many have told you that you have an amazing talent? Being good at what you do is great, but why not also making some money out of it?

Create connection with people around you

Are you tired of all the unstoppable interaction you get from your online presence? Get some privileged moments with some of the people living around you and create memories with them.

Share your passion in your own way

You are unique and we know it. Find your own way of transmitting your passion, knowledge or know-how and build your experience around it. Be yourself and authentic!

What kind of experience can I host?

An experience is an activity that people don’t do on a regular basis. Instead, experiences are meant for individuals, small groups of friends or families to be trying new things and discovering new passions and ideas together. Therefore, experiences can happen around limitless combinations of categories, set ups, places, and hosts that will inspire people living it.

Design the experience you will host

Being an Experimnt host also means offering an experience that ressembles you. You are free to design any experience to create a memorable moment for your guests. Test new things and improve your experience a little more each time!

Choose and manage your availabilities

Hosting an experience can be a full-time activity or a hobby to do in your free time. As an Experimnt host, you are free to set your own availabilities. Feel free to start with only a few weekly availabilities and add more later on.

Set the price yourself

Each experience is different and people might be willing to pay different prices to live it. We let you set the price of your experience yourself, so you are free to adapt it through time, whether your costs or the value of your experience increase.

Some key elements will make your experience a great success:

Be local and authentic

Local experiences bring a more authentic feel. You might want to attract travelers as much as local people looking for discovery.

Put sharing in the center

Make people discover your strengths and what you love, your passions, your knowledge or know-how. Your guests will appreciate it.

Think culture, differences

Each culture is different and humans are naturally curious. Don’t hesitate to share what you like best about your culture and traditions.

Go out of confort zone

Experiences are also a way to discover our limits and eventually new passions. People need to try it to believe it.

Be unique and creative

People are usually willing to live experiences they can’t find elsewhere. Sometimes a little plus can make a big difference. Be creative.

Focus on people

Your experience might not be for everyone. Make sure that you understand who you want to have as guests and address your listing consequently.

Hosting an experience takes only 3 steps



1. Design your experience





2. Submit it online





3. Start hosting



Host virtually with Online Experiences

You are willing to host an experience, but you would like to open it to a larger public and host it online? Good news, experimnt allows you to do it with online experiences! The listing submission process is very similar to regular experiences, just follow the steps mentioned above.

We use Zoom Meetings to host each online experience. Zoom is a third-party cloud platform for video conferencing and can be used on desktop computers, tablets, and mobile devices.

To host your online experience, please follow this specific process:

  1. Create or connect to your Zoom Account
  2. Create a Zoom Meeting for the date and time of the booked experience. Using the ‘Waiting Room’ feature on Zoom will allow you to control who is trying to connect to your meeting and accept only those who have booked.
  3. Send through the internal messaging system the Zoom Meeting link to your guest.
  4. On the day of the experience, connect to your zoom meeting, wait for your guest to come and start the experience.

Steps for your guests:

  1. After booking their experience, they will receive from you a zoom meeting link through the internal messaging system.
  2. On the day of the experience, they will need to connect to the zoom meeting and enjoy your experience.

What you will get from us

Personalized support

You are uniquely important to us! Our support team is available 7 days a week to support you as a host and answer your questions. Don’t hesitate to contact us at support@experimnt.com.

Market your experience

We know how difficult it is to market an activity or a passion online. As an Experimnt host, you don’t have to manage the marketing around your experience. We take care of it!

Advanced Analytics

Have access to a powerful tool with insights and analytics that will help you be even better the next time you host. We help you understand your potential market and personalize your experience accordingly.

And all this with zero start-up fees. Adding you listing on Experimnt is free!

Experience Quality

Quality is our top priority. As a host, you are responsible for providing the highest and equal quality experience to all of your guests. Quality at Experimnt is defined by the following standards:



Human Connection


As a experience host, you are free to decide the pricing you want to charge for your experience. At the moment, all prices are in Canadian Dollars ($CAD), but we are working at allowing more currencies on the platform in the near future. Your guests will pay for the experience when they book through the platform. Note that to protect our community, we do not allow any additional charges that are not specifically stated in an experience listing (i.e. add-ons). Your are however free to accept tips from your guests, after the experience and at your guests’ discretion.

Integrity is a uniquely important aspect in building trust in a community. As a host, you are responsible for providing the highest and equal quality experience to all your guests.

Payout and Fees

Hosts can request payouts at any time through the ‘Wallet’ section of their dashboard. You will be able to configure your payout method and request payouts.

In order to create a safe environment for the whole community, we charge a service fee on each booking. These fees allow us to improve the quality of service offered to our hosts and our guests, to advertise your experience to our community, as well as developing the platform in the long run. Fees are today fixed at 20% of the booking price. Fees are automatically calculated based on the price of the experience and are deducted from payout.

All applicable taxes are being charged to each booking and are therefore calculated into payout. It is the hosts responsibility to declare revenues to government, as stated by local laws and regulations.

Cancellation Policy

As of today, the cancellation policy is as follows: All experiences can be cancelled by guests and fully refunded within 24 hours of booking, or at least 7 days before the experience starts. As a host, you are responsible to apply these policies as expected by the platform and its community. Experimnt has the right to modify or delete any of the settings applied on this experience, or remove the experience from the platform, without prior notice, if its policies are not properly followed.

Manage My Experience

You can easily manage your experience directly from your dashboard.

Bookings: All the bookings for your experience are shown to you in this tab. You can accept bookings (if instant booking is not selected), cancel them or send messages directly to your guests with the Experimnt Chat.

Messages: All the messages you have sent to guests or received from them are saved on the platform. You can access them through this tab and continue your conversations.

Wallet: This tab contains all the information about your sales and earnings. It is also here that you can set up payout method and request payouts.

My Listings: You can manage and edit your listings through this tab. This will also give you access to downloadable calendars to save your bookings.

Reviews: Your guests have the opportunity to let other people know how was their experience by leaving a review. Through this tab, you can see all the reviews for your experience and use them to improve the experience of your next guests.

Questions and Support

If you have any specific questions about hosting an experience on Experimnt, have technical difficulties, or any other request related to being an Experimnt host, please contact us at support@experimnt.com.

Feel free to visit the Help Center for Hosts where you will find more details and help regarding hosting on Experimnt.

Ready to start hosting?

Frequently Asked Questions

Does offering my experience on Experimnt mean working for Experimnt?

No, Experimnt is a peer-to-peer platform that connects hosts organizing experiences and locals looking to live unique experiences. While being an Experimnt host, you work on a freelance base and there is no employment agreement with Experimnt.

Is there a time commitment?

There is absolutely no time commitment while being a host on Experimnt. You can manage your schedule and offer your experience at the moments that you are available. Feel free to adjust your dates and times until you find what works best for you.

Do I need an insurance or a license?

Depending on the activities involved, some experiences might require a license (food, alcohol, transportation). Make sure to check your local laws to determine which license would be required. You might also want to consider taking an insurance covering activities part of your experience, if you feel it is required.

Can I host more than one experience?

Yes, we encourage our community to share all passions people might have through Experimnt by combining them into a single experience or by offering several. We still expect our hosts to make sure that the quality of all their experiences are consistent with our standards.