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Help and Resources for Hosts

About Experimnt

What is Experimnt?

Experimnt is a peer-to-peer platform that allows individuals to share their passion, talent, knowledge or know-how with other locals through experiences they host.

How can I become an Experimnt Host?

If you have a passion, a talent, a knowledge or a know-how, and that you are willing to share it with others, you should definitely consider hosting your own experience. Click here to learn more about how to become a Host.

Being an Experimnt Host

What services do I get from Experimnt as a Host?

We value our relationship with our Hosts a lot and we are committed in keeping them at the core of what our platform is about. We offer to all our Hosts several services, including:

  • A unique platform to list their experience, receive and manage bookings, process payments and communicate with their guests
  • Marketing and promotion around their experience
  • Help and advices to improve their experience from our insights and analysis
  • An outstanding and personalized support
Does offering my experience on Experimnt mean working for Experimnt?

No, Experimnt is a peer-to-peer platform that connects hosts organizing experiences and locals looking to live unique experiences. While being an Experimnt Host, you work on a freelance base and there is no employment agreement with Experimnt.

What are my responsibilities as a Host?

We value the trust built as a community, and we want to ensure a long lasting commercial and collaborative relationship. It’s important the both parties are aware of the mutual rights and responsibilities.


As Host, you are responsible for the following:

  • Managing your bookings and timely communication with the Guests
  • Making arrangements to provide services and host the experience
  • Declaring your taxes as a freelancer according to the local laws
  • Arranging your personal insurance while providing the services (individual choice)
Quality standards for Hosts

Quality is our top priority. As a host, you are responsible for providing the highest and equal quality experience to all of your guests. Quality at Experimnt is defined by the following standards:




Passion is the core aspect of your success as an Experimnt host. Our values are based on community, sharing and knowledge transmission, therefore we expect our hosts to master the topic of the experience they offer to ensure a high quality offering.




At Experimnt, we decided to offer unique and authentic experiences available to everyone. Therefore, your guests expect to live an experience they couldn’t find anywhere else, by being shared a unique perspective, being unveiled some of the best kept secrets, or being provided access to unusual places.




Our mission also reflects the world at a human scale. We believe that our future will be built by humans interacting and sharing knowledge and emotions together. To create this environment, we expect our hosts to be available for their guests before, during and after each experience. This includes answering questions and communicating clearly any relevant information, paying attention to guests’ specific needs and showing flexibility to ensure a maximal enjoyment for each experience, embracing cultural differences, and following up or adding some extra information at the end of the experience.

Experience listing

How do I submit my experience listing?

Submitting your experience listing is very simple. Click on ‘Add Listing‘ to get the online form and fill all requested information.

What is an Experimnt experience?

Experimnt experiences are unique and personalized activities that are meant for individuals, small groups of friends, or families to discover the best of what their cities has to offer. In an experience your guests expect to be shared your passion or talent, discover unknown aspects of your city, find out about local businesses and lifestyles. Experimnt experiences are basically unique moments to remember for life!

What languages are the experiences hosted in?

Most experiences are hosted in the Hosts’ local language. However, each Host is free to offer its experience in the language of its choice. When submitting your experience listing, you have to select all the languages in which you will offer your experience.

How do I manage my availabilities?

Hosts are free to manage their availabilities and to offer their experience at the times that fit them best. You can’t set and manage your availabilities in your experience listing. Availabilities are configurable through weekly slots and a calendar where your can deselect the days which you will not be available.


How do I receive bookings?

When a guest make a booking for your experience, you are automatically notified by email. Bookings are entirely processed through the platform, as well as payments.


If you have selected the ‘Instant Booking’ setting to your listing, all bookings are automatically confirmed for both you and your guests. You will receive an email notifying you for the booking.


If this setting hasn’t been selected, you will receive an email to notify you for the booking request. You will then have 48 hours to manually confirm the booking.

Where do I find my bookings?

All your bookings received are saved in the ‘Bookings‘ page of your dashboard. You can access them easily and check their status:

  • Pending: bookings waiting for confirmation
  • Approved: bookings that have been confirmed
  • Cancelled: bookings that have been cancelled
How long do I have to confirm a booking request?

Bookings must be confirmed by the Host within 48 hours after the booking is made. A booking request that is not confirmed after 48 hours mighty be automatically cancelled and lost. If you need to reschedule the experience, you can message your guest directly to find a new time.

How can I reschedule a booking?

To reschedule a booking, you need to message your guest directly. You can arrange a new date and time with your guest via the Experimnt chat.

How can I cancel a booking?

Booking cancellations have to come from guests according to our cancellation policy. Hosts are not supposed to cancel bookings. You may however ask your guests to reschedule a booking.


The cancellation policy for guests is as such: All experiences are cancellable and fully refundable within 24 hours of booking and at least 7 days before the experience takes place.


If we receive a booking cancellation request from one of your guests, we will review it and notify you if the cancellation is approved.


If you need support with a booking, contact us at support@experimnt.com.

How do I contact my guests?

Experimnt offers you an internal chatting system to easily contact your guest. You can contact them for example to ask about their preferences, information on the group to adjust and personalize the experience, confirm a place where you will meet, or send the Zoom link if you host an online experience.


How is the price determined for an experience?

Hosts are free to set the price of their experience by themselves. Prices usually reflect the costs of hosting the experience and a margin that can be counted as the host salary.


You can choose to charge for their experiences in different ways:

  • A fixed price whatever the number of guests in a booking
  • A price per guest
  • A fixed portion and a price per guest
  • Add-ons that can be selected by guests in their booking to enhance their experience
How do I know if a booking has been paid?

Bookings and payments are both processed through the platform. Once a booking is approved, your guests will have receive a payment link. You can check if a booking has been paid in the ‘Bookings‘ tab of your dashboard.

What currencies are available?

As of today, available currencies are: Canadian dollars ($CAD). We are working on making more currencies available in the future.

What are the service fees?

We charge hosts a 20% service fee on each booking. This allows us to maintain and develop the platform, offer a personalized support and market your experience.

Can I ask for additional money to my guests?

No, the entire price for the experience must be paid through the platform. This includes the regular base price for each guest and any add-ons offered by the host and selected by the guest. You are not allowed to ask for any additional payments not included in the booking. Guests are however allowed to tip you if they think that their experience was over expectations.

How do payouts work?

Payouts are being issued every day of the year. Our current payout policy is to issue payouts within 2 days after the experience takes place. To configure your payout settings, please go to your wallet and follow the instructions.

We will then send you a link by email to setup your payout account with your banking transfert details. We are using Stripe as a fully secured payment and payout platform.

If you need support regarding payouts, please contact us at support@experimnt.com.

My Account

How can I edit my profile information?

You can easily edit your profile information (name, email, description, picture, etc.) through the ‘My Profile‘ tab of your dashboard.

How can I change my password?

You can change your password at anytime through the ‘My Profile‘ tab of your dashboard.

I have lost my password. What can I do?

If you have lost your password or have trouble signing in to your account, choose a new safe password by clicking here.