What is Experimnt ?

Experimnt is a peer-to-peer platform that allows people to share a passion, knowledge or know-how through experiences. By booking an experience on Experimnt, you take the opportunity to re-discover your city and new facets of yourself. Our goal is to make you live incredible experiences hosted by some of the most amazing local people.

As a host, Experimnt is therefore a tool allowing you to share your unique passion about a theme, an activity, a sport, a city, an adventure, a talent, or a craft with other people. You are unique and your experience needs to resemble you by all means!

How do I host an experience?

Starting to host an experience through Experiment is as simple as it sounds. You need to follow a few simple steps to submit your experience::

    1. Go to the Become a host page and learn about what you’ll do and what you’ll get as an Experimnt Host.
    2. Each experience is unique and needs to resemble you. You will have the opportunity to choose a unique title to your experience, write a description about the experience your guests will be living, set up a price and your availabilities, add pictures and other information to enhance your listing.
    3. Once your listing has been submitted, our team will review it and send you an email on approval. You are now ready to host your first guests!
    4. You can manage your experience through your Host Manager by adding or modifying information, manage your bookings, contact your guests through the chat, get great reviews, etc.

Click here to have more detailed information on how to host an experience on Experimnt. May you have any question, we invite you to contact our team at support@experimnt.com.

What can I expect from hosts and their experiences ?

Hosting an experience is a new way to share passion and knowledge, but definitely not an easy task to make it unique and memorable. We do expect from our hosts to provide the highest quality experiences to each guest. Some key elements differentiate experiences offered on Experimnt, such as:

    • Offering a local and authentic vibe
    • Bringing a moment of sharing around a passion, a knowledge or a know-how
    • Embracing differences and cultures
    • Taking us out of our confort zone
    • Being unique and creative
    • Focusing on people.

How do online experiences work ?

We know how important social interactions are during difficult times. Experimnt also allows you to find online experiences that don’t require you to move from home to enjoy them.

We use Zoom Meetings to host each online experience. Zoom is a third-party cloud platform for video conferencing and can be used on desktop computers, tablets, and mobile devices.

After booking your experience, you will receive a Zoom link from you host through the internal messaging system allowing you to access your experience. On the day and time of your experience, click on the link to connect to the online meeting.

VAT and Taxes

VAT and Taxes are calculated according to the laws and regulations in practice and added on top of the price charged for the experience. They might also be applicable for service fees.

Cancellation Policy

All experiences booked on Experimnt are cancellable and fully refundable within 24 hours of purchase, and at least 7 days before the experiences take place. This standard cancellation policy is applicable to all experiences on the platform and might be adapted in the future.


We understand that the current pandemic of COVID-19 can bring some level of uncertainty. Therefore we have taken some additional temporary measures to include the majority of cancellation requests that are due to the pandemic:

  • In case of a full lockdown decided by an official Government (provincial or federal), please reach out to our support team for assistance. You might be admissible for a refund if you prove that the experience cannot legally take place.

  • If you wish, for health, safety or personal reasons, due to Covid-19, to cancel a reservation outside of our standard cancellation policy, please reach out to our support team as well. You will most likely be offered one or two of the following options:

    • Keep the reservation with an open date to be scheduled with the host when circumstances are better.

    • or

    • Receive an Experimnt Gift Card for the value of the cancelled booking to be used on a future reservation.

Help Center

This FAQ page gathers some of the most requested information about Experimnt. If you wish to have more details regarding hosting or living an experience with Experimnt, we invite you to visit our Help Center

Questions and Support

For any question related to experiences, such as meeting process, content and activities, special requirements or demands, we suggest you contact your host directly by message.

If you have questions or requests about bookings, refunds, or technical problems, please contact our support team at support@experimnt.com