Design and make a silver ring!

What You'll Do

Learn how to make a silver or brass ring!

You can make the ring for yourself or a special someone. After measuring your finger size (if the ring is for someone else, you must know the finger size or bring a ring the person already own), you will saw, sand, file, solder and form the metal into a ring. Finally, you will end your project by polishing your ring to get a shiny, satin or mat finish.

Note: this experience entails playing with a torch and fire to solder. If you are afraid of fire, this step might be a little challenging. Have no worries, we can help you master fire or just skip this step. We got your back!

Camille will guide you through each step making it fun and easy. She will also walk you through the building and show you her workshop. You will be introduced you to the different machines and tools in jewelry making. All the tools, machines and metal (silver or brass) are provided. Protection glasses, an apron and masks will be available.

Our objective it that you learn something new, have fun creating something with your own hands and leave this experience with a smile on your face!

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  • Sara Eve L.
    J'ai adoré mon expérience de création avec Camille!

Avatar Host

Delicate and feminine, Camillette designs, makes and distributes ready-to-wear jewelry. My mission is to develop quality fashion accessories combining gold, silver and bronze in simple and minimalist pieces. Designed and handmade in Montreal, my timeless collections, offer a variety of pieces such as; rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets and accessories. Authenticity, durability and timelessness are my core values. I share my studio with fellow jewelers at the Ateliers Capitol in the Rosemont/Mile-End, a hipe neighborhood of Montreal, since 2016.