Cooking Akra Malanga Bites with Lola

What You'll Do

Classes can be done in French, English and Creole

In this real-time, 1h30-hour, online, Haitian cooking class, learn to cook delicious cuisine and techniques that I have perfected with the guiding hands of my mom. These are the traditional authentic, home style cooking with me!


Akra Malanga Bites, red sauce 

Please make sure to let me know if you have any food allergies or intolerances.This class does not include the purchase of ingredients, but we do offer that option for Montreal and Surrounding areas. Please let me know. You also have the option to have the ingredients delivered (+fee) to you 24-48h before your class!

Learn how to cook this deliciously popular dish from the comfort of your home. Akra is a Haitian fritter made from the malanga root vegetable. It can be boiled and fried. So, this recipe is 100% vegetable based, contains ne meat products. This is definitely a gem of a dish : an entrée, main meal, snack and makes great for Fritay NIght or Tapas kind of night. 

During : Recipe explanation and how-to of making the sòs rouj (red sauce)  to accompany your akra.

At the end of cooking class: Prepared meals - zero waste storage methods 

Events covered: A night in with the girls (or guys), night in with the hubby, or with your partner, you choose.  

You are all set! Make sure you have your materials ready for the class and let's cook! 

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I am a foodie, I love to cook and most importantly, I love to share my passion for cooking and learning so cooking classes are the perfect way for me to do both. I am also a pastry chef in training so will be putting up some pastry inspired dishes -Haitian and others!