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Let's keep ourselves safe - Covid-19

Important Notice: We monitor attentively all the indications provided by locals governments. As the situation evolves, information from this page might also change over time. Please make sure you always remain updated.

Since the beginning of the year 2020, our world has known a worldwide pandemic that has changed our habits and our everyday lives. The world is now opening up and life is slowly coming back to normal. However, the COVID-19 pandemic is not behind us yet.

Safety is Experimnt’s number one priority. Therefore, we have created some policies and recommendations to ensure a safe environment for the whole Experimnt community. In this page, you will find information we provide to the entire community and rules we suggest to be followed.

Theses rules are recommendations that we expect everyone to follow. However, we are not in position to enforce them neither to hosts nor guests. This community is built around trust and we believe we must all do our part during those special times.

Stay safe!

Follow rules and procedures from local government

Your local governments are issuing rules, laws and procedures to ensure the safety of all it citizens. These laws and regulations are to be strictly followed by all members of the Experimnt community in respective municipalities, regions, states, provinces, or countries.

Online experiences

The current situation should not prevent us to live experiences and discover new things. Sharing passion has no limits and can surely be done in both off-line and online settings. We understand that social distancing rules are important to prevent the spread of the virus. Therefore, we now offer the option to host experiences online through Zoom Meetings.


Hosts can offer their experience exclusively in-person, exclusively online, or offer both options to guests. This information is indicated in each experience listing.

Hygiene measures - masks and sanitizers

Hygiene measures are crucial aspects to ensure everyone safety. We suggest both hosts and guests to wear a mask at all time when they live or host an in-person experience. Wash your hands for 20 seconds with warm water and soap before and after the experience, and if water or soap are not available, use a hydro-alcoholic gel to disinfect your hands.


We suggest hosts to have a disposable mask for each guest and hand sanitizer available as well. As a host, make sure to communicate clearly with your guests any special safety requirements that applies specifically to your experience.

I have been infected by COVID-19, or know someone that has been.

If you have been tested positive to COVID-19, please make sure to let all people you have met with in the past 14 days know that they should be tested as well. This includes your experience host or the guests you have welcomed.


Write us an email at support@experimnt.com to let us know of your situation. We will get in touch with you and support you with all your current bookings.

Cancellation policy

Our cancellation policy has not been modified during the pandemic. Experiences remain cancellable within 24 hours of booking, and at least 7 days before the experience takes place.


However, if one of the following situation applies to you, we invite you to contact us directly at support@experimnt.com:

  • I have been tested positive to COVID-19 and took the test after booking my experience.
  • I am currently being tested and I haven’t received the results yet. The experience I booked is supposed to take place in the next 7 days.
  • I will be, on the date of the experience, in mandatory quarantine, as required by local regulations.

Please provide us in your email with all information proving that your situation matches one of the stated above. We will review it and let you know what options are available with your booking.