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My name is Alexander and I'm a certified Health and Life Coach from Health Coach Institute. Beyond coaching certifications we are no different. We have all experienced upsetting and seemingly uncontrollable thoughts and emotions. As a result we might have dug ourselves into the holes of emotional distress and we got to the point where we just wanted a way to see things differently, to see possibilities. So that we can feel differently and experience more of life. What makes us different is the meaning we assign to life and it happenings. If you can learn to see things differently what you see changes. Thereby altering the effects of the cause. I help those who are busy bees, running around all day, task focus individuals. Who have a hard time giving themselves the time of day to focus on their To-Be list. I help you bring awareness around your thoughts and emotions. So you can learn to regulate and direct them better. I also help YOU add meaning in the seemingly meaningless.